Acronym_ CIMORO

EACH hand-crafted object represents a unique ANGLE, a CONCEPT, that underpins CIMORO; symbolically routed in 3 representative categories: CI-ty, MO-untain, RO-ad.



"High Technology, Avant-Garde, Bespoke Sportswear and Accessories: Beyond function".



#1_ Create High Technology, Bespoke Sportswear and Accessories: Beyond function.

#2_ Meticulously crafted and made in London, England.

#3_ Designed for City, Mountain and Road.



Limited in number and created out of the very best advanced materials available, CIMORO products merge simplicity, ultra-performance, functionality and contoured aesthetics.



As a future-forward collective our priority is in limiting our negative impacts on our planet, which represents challenges at every step. Right now tree planting in deforested equatorial areas represents one of our best strategies to halt global warming with immediate positive social and environmental impacts. Find out more

From our humble beginnings, we plan to plant as many as we can afford with a focus beyond this on social and environmentally responsible projects.